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If you are interested in receiving great services from a preferred car detailing Maitland service, then call Eyedeal Car Detailing, we offer mobile car detailing done right for the first time. Our services also offer car detailing in New South Wales. When it comes to providing you with the best quality of auto detailing possible, you won’t find any other service better. We can assist with your interior and exterior detailing needs. If you want to make a good impression on others then make sure you receive our VIP car detailing services in Maitland and avail of our packages to offer.

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About Car Detailer Maitland

Our main auto detailer has had over 10 years of experience in this industry and is the top car detailer both for large companies and in his own businesses. Anyone who works with us is trained and supervised and expected to maintain the same high quality our owner sets. Our professionals are trained to inspect vehicles prior to cleaning and will determine whether a vehicle may require a deep wash if necessary. We have set the standard for how exterior or interior detailing work should be performed. Every job that we perform is performed with great attention to detail. You may not be able to take your vehicles to have it cleaned so we wanted to fill that need for someone to come to you to clean it. This is why we offer mobile auto detailing. It is a way for your vehicle to keep clean and for us to service the needs of those motorists in Maitland New South Wales.

Although used cars might not have the most beautiful exteriors due to a faded paint job and age, our interior automotive detailing service or auto detail will help you feel as if you’re in a new car. We clean, vacuum, and brush your car’s interior to remove dirt and stains. We use specialized tools that allow us to restore the appearance of your car’s surface, roof, carpets, or seats. We provide the best car cleaning, polishing, correction, and service in Maitland. We can provide detail, paint polishing, or paint protection services to help your car looks great.

We have certain techniques and methods that we use for cleaning dirt, washing, and polishing your car. We use the most advanced equipment and special products to ensure that your car looks great from the outside surface. Customers who desire a shiny, smooth new look for their car can also avail themselves of paint correction and paint protection services and another auto detail package. We ensure that our customers will spend money for its worth. Set the day you want us to start with yours and experience excellent customer service from start to finish!

Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying

Car Detailed

I had my car detailed by Peter and his team of professionals. Wow!! I had been given referrals about Peter but the car came out immaculate and I am quite fussy! Thanks guys – 100% I will use them in the future.

Jimmy Deguara

Car Care

I highly recommend Eyedeal Detailing services for car detailing. Peter has been working in the industry for a long time and knows a lot about best practices for detailing cars and car care in general. He takes care of your car and works hard to produce great results. If you live in the Maitland, Newcastle, or Hunter Valley areas and you need your car, boat, truck, van or other vehicle detailed I would definitely recommend giving them a call.

Kevin Reid

Car Interior

Highly recommend, did an amazing job preparing the interior of 2 cars for sale. Would definitely use it again.

Brooke F

Our Car Detailing Services Maitland

We can send a professional car wash technician to your home, office, or anywhere else you are. We have highly qualified mobile car detailing Maitland professionals who will deliver a full flawless shine car every single day. You can spend the time cleaning now on things that you enjoy, and you’ll be able to return to your car sparkling clean. We are Maitland’s fastest-growing automotive company. Our services include car washing, car paint protection, presale mobile car detailing, and full interior upholstery cleaning.

Our professional auto detailers pay much close attention to the details of the work that they are doing and complete the job with the result you are looking for. Looking to detail requires us to have a pre-determined checklist of the areas of your vehicle that should receive attention. In the process, some areas may require special attention and you can be certain that our experienced Maitland mobile detailers will know exactly where these areas are located and make your car shine.

For the cost of services, we cannot give an exact estimate due to the fact that there are many types of vehicles, and washing methods and that the condition of the paintwork can vary greatly. The final cost will depend on how much work is required. However, we guarantee you won’t spend much money on auto detail because we have the lowest price in town. We will provide you with an estimate if you give us a call.

Car Detailing

When you are riding in a clean leather seats vehicle that shines, it tends to make you feel better. Wouldn’t you like to experience that same feeling every time you were driving in your vehicle? You can with the help of professional auto detailers. If you are used to keeping a clean car but circumstances have prevented you from doing so then you may want to make sure that there is someone available that can at least do auto detailing for you, call Maitland Car Detailing for your exterior and interior detailing.

Car Detail Interior

Your vehicle isn’t completely clean unless it is cleaned on the inside including the leather upholstery seats and outside. Our automotive detailers can get inside those hard to reach areas of your vehicle for interior detailing, which makes it well worth calling us. These are those areas that may now have a buildup of dirt, rubbish, and debris. We don’t just hand wash it with water. Using special tools and products, we make sure the cleaning process is at its best. If you don’t have time to try to figure out how to clean every inch of the interior of your vehicles, leave the full job to our capable automotive detailers from Eyedeal Car Detailing business.

Car Detailing

With our premium automotive detailing services we thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle. You can rely on our professional to perform the job to your complete satisfaction, as we know what is expected of us. We intend on living up to our reputation by only offering the most full automotive detailing services possible. Why not call us up to learn exactly what type of services are available and included in our premium detailing plan which we offer both for automotive detailing in Maitland, and mobile detailing in New South Wales.

Prestige Car Detailing

If you have made a significant investment in your vehicles then you want and need it to be well taken care of. Our custom detailing services enable us to create a plan that meets your specific needs. Our automotive detailers are experienced in prestige car detailing. We offer full detail services including windows, door jambs, tires shine, leather seats, hand car wash, and more. We have detailed a variety of vehicles. Regardless of the extent of the services that you would like, we are happy to offer them to you.

Car Paint Protection

The hand of our expert detailers can remove scratch appearance and protect the paint on your vehicle. There are certain sealants or wax products that they will use to create a barrier that helps protect the paint. Knowing which products are best for the type of paint that is on your car can be difficult. However, when you turn to our experts, they are sure to be able to offer you the right sealants or car wax to protect your car paint and make it shine. We are also able to do car paint correction if your vehicle needs it.

Car Wash Near Me

If you do not have the time or the space to wash your car yourself, we will give you a hand doing it for you. We take care of cars as if they are our own using the hand of an expert. If you are searching for a ‘car wash near me’ then we are your closest option since we come to you. We are able to wash your car, clean the interior and also give it a more detailed clean surface if that is what is required. Talk to us about the packages we offer and book your schedule today so we can start to freshen up your car.

About Maitland New South Wales – areas we do car detailing

Maitland is an area in New South Wales with a latitude of 32.7331 and longitude 151.5525. It is a progressive location in this region. Many car owners in this area are in need or looking for detailing services to maintain the look and good condition of their vehicles. That is why Eyedeal Car Detailing continues its business to provide its utmost detailing services with customer satisfaction among the residents of Maitland and surrounding areas.

Our main car detailer has had over 10 years of experience in this industry and has detailed cars both for large companies and in his own businesses. Anyone who works with us is trained and supervised and expected to maintain the same high quality our owner sets using the best products. We have set the standard for how detailing work should be performed so you can ensure that your car is in a good hand.

Our business goal is to offer the best customer service and satisfaction with the use of the finest products on the market. We will keep our word when we say so. We are committed to professionalism and punctuality.

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Eyedeal Car Detailing service will make your car shine. A car wash can make it look sparkling clean, but Eyedeal Car Detailing will make it appear as if it has just come out of the showroom. The city is talking about our auto detailing service in Maitland. Our car detailing service in Maitland can provide any service that you require, no matter when it is needed. We have the expertise and know-how to make your vehicles look better and at much affordable prices.

If you are the type of person who cares much about the appearance of their vehicles then make sure you give us a call and allow us to assist with your detailing needs. Please notify us with early notice so we can schedule your appointment accordingly. Our team of skilled car detailing experts is committed to doing the greatest job a detailer is capable of doing. Whatever the state of your vehicles, there is always work that has to be done, and Eyedeal Car Detailing will finish it perfectly!