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About Eyedeal Detailing Services

What We Offer

We offer top of the line car detailing services with our skilled team and high-quality products used on your cars. With years of experience on our hand and thousands of car detailing services made. We can assure you that you will get your desired result for your car.

Our car detailing includes vacuuming of any specks of dirt or trash, brushing and steam cleaning, leather trimming, glass cleaning, ree-vacuuming, wiping oils, and finally perfuming. Auto detailing is the exhibition of playing out a serious cleaning, reconstructing, and finishing of a motor vehicle, to make a show-quality tidiness and neatness. Auto detailing can be performed on a vehicle outside or possibly inside.

An appropriate detailing protects the surfaces of a car’s paint, glass, wheels, seats, rugs, and dashboard are done off with protectant. This protectant prepares for the assault from paint-recoloring tar and leaves, clearcoat-eating bird droppings and bug splatter, and even paint scratches and inside spills.

Service Areas

We offer our car detailing services in Maitland and New Castle area.

Our Car Detailer

We have the most skilled car detailer in the market and we are proud to say so. Try us and you will see for yourself the truth behind our words. We can say with a proud look that our car detailers are well equipped and have been in this business for more than 10 years. There have been hundreds of cars that finished detailing and most of them are returning customers. It may be another car they want us done or their friends’ car.

We thought long and hard about what was missing from the car service industry and came up with mobile detailing services. While we were already offering detailing services in Maitland at Eyedeal Detailing Services, we were not offering mobile services to the extent that we offer them now. Once we began offering our services in larger areas, including Newcastle, our business flourished.

We have what it takes to effectively detail any type of vehicle, as we have the necessary tools and equipment needed to do so. Our services make it possible for anyone who wants car detailing services to receive them because we come directly to wherever they are to provide them with our services. If you have been neglecting your car because you just don’t have the time to keep it clean then give us a call. We won’t waste time getting you the help that you want and need.

We have been able to turn something that we love into a business that we love. With a commitment to offering the most convenient car detailing services in Maitland and car detailing services in Newcastle, we have hired the best detailers around. Our detailers take their time to make sure the job is performed to your total satisfaction. This requires that we pay close attention to the details of the work that we do. We don’t care what type of vehicle, make or model, that you would like detailed, we assure you that we can handle it for you. Contact us today for more info.

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