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Looking for Car Detailing Services Near Newcastle?

If you are looking for ‘car detailing Newcastle’ out expert detailers can help you. Talk to one of our experienced car detailers and work out a package that is suitable for you. If you want the works, cleaning inside and outside, this is considered our premium package. We have everything that we need to provide you with a complete detailing job. With our detail-oriented detailers in Maitland and Newcastle, we are capable of providing you with the best experience possible. You work hard for your money, why shouldn’t you also be able to experience the services that you want and are paying for.

We believe in going big or going home! Which is why we offer our premium car detailing services. Our experts pay attention to the interior of your vehicle and will clean it from front to back, getting into every crevice of your vehicle. They will do the same with your exterior services, paying close attention to those parts of your vehicle that you wish for them to pay more than the usual attention to. You are in the good and capable hands of high-quality, service professionals. Find out for yourself just how efficient our detailing services are. Call Us Now And Get A Free Quote!

Quality Car Detailing Newcastle

It is one thing to have standard detailing work performed and another to have premium services rendered. With premium services, we pull out all the stops. You get more than you bargain for when you ask for this top of the line detailing package. While all of our services are quality services, this plan is certainly a step up. We want you to drive away feeling good about the services that have been rendered to you. Since we only hire the most experienced professionals to assist with your detailing needs, you can be sure that you’ll always receive quality detailing service.

Customer Reviews
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Car Detailed

I had my car detailed by Peter and his team of professionals. Wow!! I had been given referrals about Peter but the car came out immaculate and I am quite fussy! Thanks guys – 100% I will use them in the future.

Jimmy Deguara

Car Care

I highly recommend Eyedeal Detailing services for car detailing. Peter has been working in the industry for a long time and knows a lot about best practices for detailing cars and car care in general. He takes care of your car and works hard to produce great results. If you live in the Maitland, Newcastle, or Hunter Valley areas and you need your car, boat, truck, van or other vehicle detailed I would definitely recommend giving them a call.

Kevin Reid

Car Interior

Highly recommend, did an amazing job preparing the interior of 2 cars for sale. Would definitely use it again.

Brooke F

When you want the best you won’t settle. This is what we are hoping you will say when it comes to the detailing of your vehicles. Nothing but the best is good enough. This is why relying on anyone other than our professional detailers would not be a good idea. If you want to get what you pay for then it would serve you well to contact our talented team of detailing professionals. They have received the training that enables them to offer you the most efficient services possible. Get far more than you are paying for by allowing our expert auto detailers to service your needs.

Best Car Detailing Newcastle

We realize that some service providers will charge you far less to do what we do. However, you will soon see that you often get what you are paying for. When you want a superior quality of service, call on Maitland Car Detailing. We conveniently come to where you are to provide you with the services that you want and need. Allow us the honor of showing you what our premium services look like by detailing one of your vehicles. We go above and beyond to ensure your total satisfaction and offer you our service guarantee.

You know that your satisfaction is our top priority, and will do our utmost to do the best there is in Newcastle can offer.